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Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and New York--Our Days!

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It's just an incredible journey through life starting with nine special people growing together and becoming women and men.

A love affair with Paris, like Hemingway and his bold observations, and if Hemingway�s, A Moveable Feast intoxicates your taste buds. Then, our book is A Loveable Feast with warm kisses.

"What love truly is..., as you'll soon find that it's not give or take, it's just being there every single moment."

Ren�e, my lovely Ren�e

What our books mean to us and what will they mean to you, our readers.

It will leave you crying, and you'll laugh uncontrollably, loving everyone and you�ll be anxious to turn to the pages just to see what happens next. As I transcribe all of my notes written in thousands of my semi-off dark black notepads--- I decide to go outside the traditional, standard, writing techniques and just write, write what was written from my heart from all those particular moments.

As I look at Isabelle sitting on my lap, there isn�t a day when she�s not blowing grape bubble gum bubbles in my face. It�s cute!

Non-Fictions Novels

BOOK 1 Je ne partirai pas sans toi - I'll never let you go

BOOK 2 Je suis perdu sans toi - I'm lost without you

BOOK 3 Jolies Pens�es - Pretty Thoughts

Book 4 Histoires d'amour Cach�es PART 1 - Hidden Love Stories Part 1.

Book 4 Histoires d'amour Cach�es PART 2 - Hidden Love Stories Part 2.

Book 5 Petit Cadeau Mesdames - A small gift for the ladies

Book 6 Tu sais o� me trouver - You know where to find me

Book 7 Le temps vole - Time Flies

Book 8 Mon Amour Vrai - My True Love

Book 9 Je sens ta pr�sence - I feel your presence

Book 10 Au c�ur d�un ange - A Heart of an Angel

Book 11 Un Peu de Joie - A little Joy

Chasin� her pretty thoughts... R+KC+I ♥