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"...And I'm all yours, all yours..."
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...her lips close to mine, this world was ours... crème de la crème.

Epilogue - from my semi-off dark black notepad

She said because the first time we met, I fell in love with you and I knew that I'd be yours. Now you're mine.

The life that we shared in Paris, so simple, yet so blissful, a simple life of doing something you love, in a place that you love to be...

...I never really asked for anything.

...we all live with heavy emotions, but it seems there is one thing that will linger on my shoulders.

I remember the times, I remember the places, I remember the tears and I know she did, too.

What could have been troubling her that even I couldn't recognize the signs?

Every year, I am reminded of that day as it eats me alive.

I remember the way she would kiss me softly and talk for hours in each other's arms.

She would hold on to me for dear life and I'd make sure that she'd never fall. She was that protective love for me: she would pull me in close, I would hold her hand, so soft, so warm and our tears, so real and I would do anything to protect her. I would even die for her.

I remember every time we'd sneak off, it felt like being together for the first time. Do you guys know what I'm feeling? If not, I'll briefly explain. I remember her hands were always warm and soft, her lips were always pink and moist, when our chests would touch we felt our heartbeats and when the tears ran slowly down her cheek, mine would too.

...I'm starting to feel this emptiness inside of me again as I pause from typing my thoughts... But like I always said, this wasn't meant to be, it always was... always...

Chasin' her pretty thoughts...

R+KC+I ♥